Meet our team
Rachel Harrison Silks & Sling
As a child, Rachel enjoyed various dance classes, gymnastics, cheerleading, and basketball. She really enjoyed team sports and competing. In her 20’s she found Yoga, and loved the feeling of being in her body, as well as the challenge for her mind. She moved to Portland in 2005 and was first introduced to Circus when she met March Fourth Marching Band; It was then that she fell in love with the Circus Arts.
She took her first Aerial class in 2017 with Katie Betts and knew that aerial would be a part of her life forever. She has taken classes for every apparatus but found that fabric is her go-to. The Aerial sling is her favorite but the silks are a close second. Her favorite thing about coaching is seeing the students’ faces light up when they start conquering their goals. She’s recently had her first performance in the Winter Wonderland student showcase and is excited to perform more in the future with Afterglow Aerial Arts.

Rachel has a twin brother!