Do I have to be strong or flexible to start aerial classes?

Absolutely not, we have classes for absolute beginners. You will get stronger by coming to aerial class each week. You do not need to be flexible to start either. If you want to take your flexibility to the next level we do offer active flexibility classes for beginners all the way to contortionist level.

Do you have aerial yoga at your studio? What is the difference between aerial yoga and aerial silks?

We do not have aerial yoga classes. We have aerial silks and aerial hammock/sling classes. Aerial yoga is a low hanging hammock that is used to aid in various yoga poses and for gentle inversions. Aerial silks (and aerial sling/hammock) is more acrobatic and involves climbing, tricks, drops, spins, etc. 

What do I wear to class?

We recommend wearing snug fitting workout clothes so they don’t get caught on the aerial equipment. Pants, footless tights w/ shorts or leggings that go all the way to the ankle are ideal. Leotards, t-shirts and tops that fully cover the armpits is recommended, this protects you from silk burns during flips & drops. Avoid any clothes with zippers or buttons, as these could snag the silks and cause tears. Jewelry such as rings & necklaces are to be removed before getting on to the equipment. If you have acrylic nails make sure they aren’t too sharp. We also encourage students to bring a full water bottle to class. (Come to class hydrated and fueled up! Light snacks beforehand are a plus, try not to have a big meal directly before practicing twists & getting upside down).

What should I do to get stronger?

We hear this from students a lot. Most importantly come to class consistently. Taking two or more series classes at a time can make a tremendous difference for progression. It can take a while to build strength and flexibility so patience is required. Doing any form of cross training is also pertinent such as cardio, yoga, strength training, etc. (and pull up practice!)

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Please use this link to view our policy: https://www.afterglowaerialarts.com/make-ups-refunds/

My child attended one of your youth camps and I am in need of your TAX ID number.

Our EIN or TAX ID is: 90-1064613

I signed up but did not pay yet. Can I pay on the first day of class?

Your spot is not fully registered until you have paid in full (unless you work out a special payment plan w/ management via email). If the class fills, you could risk getting bumped to the waiting list if it is not paid, so do be timely or communicate.

Can we be loud in the hallway on the way into the studio? 

Please follow proper hallway etiquette as soon as you step foot into the building. There are LOTS of studios in the building (i.e. massage, acupuncture, counseling, etc.) & offices such as law and accounting. Please be mindful & keep voices quiet when walking in the hallway & in the lobby since this is a shared space. Parents: please remind children to walk with gentle feet and soft voices until they enter our studio fully.