Safety Rules and Classroom Policies


  1. Please remove all jewelry that could snag or get tangled in the equipment, and be mindful of not wearing clothing that has zippers or buttons (all these things could not only hurt the equipment, but you as well!)
  2. Please dress in tight fitting clothing so you don’t get tangled in the equipment. Workout/yoga pants tight at the ankles, or shorts/leotards with tights or leggings under is an idea.
  3. To avoid injury, students may not participate in class if they are more than 15 minutes late. They may stay to watch and stretch on the ground.
  4. Only one student at a time on the black crash pads (unless otherwise instructed).
  5. Please only work on the material covered in class. We encourage you to bring goals and ideas to class, so if you just saw something amazing on youtube, please ask your instructor about it first 🙂
  6. No gum or food in the studio please (exception of water, pretty please bring your own water bottle!)
  7. Only (clean) bare feet/socks on the beautiful wood flooring (inside the studio). There are shelves to place your shoes in the lobby. We also have baby wipes available if you need to wipe dirty feet down.
  8. Please do not come to class if you are sick!
  9. Please be considerate by wearing clean workout clothes and deodorant.
  10. Cover all open wounds or warts with appropriately sized band-aids or medical tape. If the injury is on your foot, please wear socks over the bandages to prevent them from coming off.
  11. No videoing instructors. Photos of yourself and fellow students are fine with permission from each other.
  12. Please come to class hydrated and fueled up! And not intoxicated. Thank you.
  13. Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but to protect the little one we cannot allow pregnant women to participate in class unless you get permission from your midwife or doctor.
  14. All trash should be disposed of properly.
  15. Talking is allowed in class but please be respectful when your instructor is teaching and pay attention.
  16. Please do not enter the studio with additional family members or guests. We have a waiting lobby directly outside of our studio door with a window to peek through.
  17. When using chalk, please keep hands over the bowl and clean up any spilled chalk.
  18. If water is spilled on the floor, please find a towel and clean it up asap!
  19. Take care of the entire space, inside and out 🙂


  1. All of the adult rules apply to any kids circus and aerial class, and it is extremely important for children to follow ALL instructions given to provide a safe class and enough time for each child to participate (taking turns when necessary).
  2. For safety reasons and so children can focus solely on learning and play, parents may only watch class through the viewing windows for the last 10 minutes of class. Parents must keep their distance from students and not give instructions.
  3. Walking only
  4. Only get on the equipment with instructor supervision.
  5. Please use 6 inch voices when talking in the aerial studio.
  6. Absolutely no swinging on the equipment (Spinning is allowed with instructors permission).


  1. All open gym times are supervised practice of things you already know and feel comfortable working on.
  2. No student is to teach another student during this time.
  3. There is a strict NO Youtube or Instagram learning and experimenting during open gym times.
  4. All partaking in open gyms must be approved by emailing or asking your Afterglow Aerial Arts instructor for clearance.