Meet our team
Mary Elizabeth Tindall Silks/Sling, Studio Manager

Mary Elizabeth is a circus enthusiast. Having practiced various dance and movement classes on and off since childhood, she has a deep love and appreciation for choreography and performance art. Early in 2012, Mary began learning aerial silks from Jolene Dickerson, it grew to be one of her biggest passions and she never looked back. No other discipline had provided as much challenge, reward, or confidence building.

Mary has performed in many Afterglow Showcases, Who’s The Ross (a local late night talk show) & The Umbrella Festival on Silks, Corde Lisse (rope) and Aerial Hammock. Her favorite part of teaching is encouraging students to believe in themselves and watching them progress throughout the series. Mary has learned from world renowned circus artists such as Tanya Brno, Shannon McKenna “the Artist Athlete,” and Jen Crane “Cirque Physio.” Their teachings inform her work.

Mary is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, having completed the 800 hour program at East West College of the Healing Arts in 2014. In addition Mary is a hospice volunteer for Legacy Hospice. Her training in anatomy and kinesiology is utilized in class with a focus on proper alignment and enhanced proprioception.

Fun fact: As a kid Mary once climbed to the top of a light pole.