Meet our team
Martina Oskarsson Silks, Character Development

Martina came to America in 2000 from the beautiful countryside of Sweden. After her momentous move, she quickly merged with the movement arts and circus communities in the Pacific Northwest. Shortly after arriving in Portland, she found herself surrounded by artists and performers, being tossed up in the air and asked to climb on their hands, feet & heads. Since that magical moment, she has fallen more & more in love with this transformational art. From this deep love, Martina has been inspired to ceaselessly add skills to her growing passion. Her big loves within this realm are aerial silks, yoga, kids circus, and acro-balancing. Since realizing how important the movement arts are for everyone, young & old, and the positive social/physical impact that can manifest as a result, she has passionately been increasing her involvement in this community.

Martina has now taught circus for over 13 years among many talented individuals in San Francisco, Sweden, and Portland. After graduating Dell Arte International school of physical theater in 2007 she started a non-profit organization in SF which is still running to this day under the name Living Dream Arts. More recently she has co-founded Circus In Motion LLC, and under that project has developed AIM, Aerial In Motion. Martina finds great joy in giving kids and adults what she wished she would have stumbled upon when she was young and desires to continue expressing her heartfelt enthusiasm through teaching and creating.

Fun fact: She is also an Ashtanga Yoga teacher.