Meet our team
Kate Lyra, Kids Classes, Flexibility

Kate has been a mover from a young age, from horseback riding to competitive distance running to cheerleading; she’s always been on the go. Her artistic side has always been a motivator as well; she is an author and has an educational background in fine arts and writing.

An interest in aerial arts began in 2006, when she discovered burlesque and pole dancing. Soon she was performing across the country, which she continues to this day as both a solo performer and dance troupe member. Her love of aerial’s physical movement is matched by her appreciation of it as an art form. It gives her the ability to express that side of herself through performance opportunities, where you will often find her combining burlesque and aerial into one performance.

Kate’s background in teaching is in show production, burlesque and dance. She has worked with many performers as a mentor in choreography and character development. As an artist, she also creates all of her own costumes and props. She has been a guest instructor and presenter at Burlycon, the country’s largest community-oriented professional growth and educational organization for performers, held annually in Seattle, WA.

She has trained at Afterglow for several years and is excited to officially join the coaching team in 2022. Her goals as an instructor are to teach proper technique, aid in the personal and artistic development of her students, and make aerial arts a welcoming, safe and fun space for everyBODY of all sizes, shapes and abilities.

Kate is not a morning person.