Meet our team
Jolene Dickerson Artistic Director and Founder of Afterglow Aerial Arts

One of Jolene’s greatest passions in life is to inspire other beings into unlocking the vast amounts of confidence and courage that is sometimes difficult to find within. She teaches through professional experience using play and creativity as tools on and off the aerial apparatus. Even through all of the fun & silliness, safety and technique are extremely important to her. You will often see Jolene strolling through the studio doing daily rigging checks or in a class saying, “pay attention to your toes!” or “engage your booty more!” She strives for grace, beautiful lines, and finding your own creative spark.

​Founding Afterglow Aerial Arts in 2014 is one of Jolene’s favorite achievements. A performer down to the soul, she has been a dancer her entire life. She has worked with many troupes, DJs, festivals, and circuses around the world and continues to keep the flame alive by creating new and innovative ideas. Currently, she is deeply involved with the art of Mongolian Contortion and always in love with continuing aerial silks. Working with coaches such at Stephanie Cadd, Liza Myachina, Hannah Finn, Nicole Whiteside, Serchmaa Byamba and Susan Harkey has contributed to profound growth in her personal dance & artistic personality. Stay tuned for what is brewing up next.

Fun Fact: She loves collecting vintage marbles, unique keys, and postcards.