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Claudia DiFalco Silks

My name is Claudia and I did not grow up from the traditional background of dance or any sort of performance arts. In fact, I grew up playing classical piano and was always terrified for my recitals. I grew up to run in ultra relays, marathons, and practice olympic lifting, so basically the OPPOSITE of flexible and graceful! I ended up finding aerial at the same time I met my best friend and we both fell in love with it. Since, training aerial has been the first time I have felt confident in my body and truly love performing, coaching, and sharing it with anyone who’s interested. I love the energy of a crowd as much as I love cheering on my students! My goal is to show people you don’t need to come from any particular background, aerial is still for you. Aerial has became my safe haven, my meditation, and my outlet. I can’t wait to share this passion with you!

I love running unique races and once ran inside the Oregon State Penitentiary! It’s the only program in the country that allows civilians to run with inmates!