Meet our team
Candi Silks/Lyra/Trapeze, Lead Coach Youth Program

Candi has always been fascinated with the arts. She spent all four years in high school doing such fun activities as theater, choir, and photography. In college she decided to spend her free time at the community playhouse where she felt she came alive with movement and storytelling. It wasn’t till the end of 2015 that a friend introduced her to aerial arts. Since then she has jumped head first into the circus scene.

She has done everything from aerial yoga to summer intensives in Ireland. She has also done 2 years of a circus based training company and has taken the Paperdoll Militia teaching course specializing in silks. She now has decided to spend her time teaching the next generations in the ways of art and circus. Her lesson she learned from all this is: you can take the girl out of the circus but you can’t take the circus out of the girl.

I've always loved kids. When I was younger I wanted to have 12 of my very own. But even though I only have 2, I'm grateful I get to be a part of so many children's lives.