March 28, 2021 Student Highlight: Brittany Houtz

Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Brittany!


How did you learn about aerial arts/circus?

I saw a very small and intimate circus show with a friend in PDX that featured lyra, trapeze, contortion, and some other acts. My friend and I were blown away, and particularly interested in the duo lyra act! We figured there must be a place to learn that, so we looked up some places nearby and found Afterglow. We signed up for the sampler class together and fell in love instantly.


When did you start taking classes?

I started that first class in December 2018.


What is your favorite aspect of aerial & circus classes?

I love having a skills-based hobby where I can continuously grow, learn new things, and see improvement, plus the fitness and creativity aspects. Being a part of the community is a huge plus, too.


Where do you see yourself going with this? Do you want to do more performance someday, or is this more of a fun recreational activity?

I would like to work on getting to the level of skill where performance would be an option, but I’m not sure yet if performance is for me! I’m in it more for the personal growth, self-expression, and fitness aspects for now.


Do you have a favorite apparatus? Why or why not?

My favorite apparatus has changed many times, but I keep coming back to lyra, which is my current favorite (for now).


What advice do you have for a potential student thinking about starting classes?

I was super intimidated at first but I’m so glad I gave it a try! If you’re feeling that way, I’d say to keep in mind that the beginner classes are designed for people who may be completely new to any kind of fitness classes; you don’t need to be flexible or strong at all to begin with. Think of it more as an avenue to develop those things, and you will if you stick with it. It’s very satisfying, and you will likely surprise yourself. Also, bring a friend!