March 9, 2020 Student Highlight: Emma Therrien
Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Emma and I go to Lewis & Clark Law School. I moved to Portland two and a half years ago to start school. Before moving here, I lived in New York City and Boston.

How did you learn about aerial arts?

I came to my first class as a drop-in because two of my friends went every Thursday and they invited me to try it out. I really liked it so I kept coming back!

When did you start taking classes?

My first class was about one year ago in February 2019!

What is your favorite aspect of aerial circus classes?

My favorite thing about taking aerial circus classes is that I’ve learned to do things I never thought I’d have the ability to do. I’m proud of how I’ve improved since my first class!

Where do you see yourself going with this, do you want to do more performance someday, or is this more of a fun recreational activity?

I would love to perform someday, if I reach that level. It is definitely a fun hobby and recreational activity too, but I would be really excited to perform an act someday.

Do you have a favorite apparatus? Why or why not?

My favorite apparatus is the lyra! It was the first one I tried and the only class I took for a while. I feel most confident on the lyra. I also am working hard at the trapeze!

What advice do you have for a potential student thinking about starting classes?

Trust the apparatus! For a long time I had trouble letting go of the lyra or the ropes on trapeze. It will take time to build confidence but the coaches are there to help 🙂