Meet our team
Tamara Horton Silks/Lyra

Tamara’s aerial journey began in 2009 after moving to Portland from Eastern Washington. With 10+ years of ballet training, she was intrigued by the possibility of taking dance into the air and soon fell in love with aerial silks. She has since trained and performed primarily with Night Flight Aerial and as a member of The Circus Project’s Training Company. Tamara’s repertoire now includes sling, lyra (hoop) and corde lisse (rope) in addition to silks. She is also an amateur albeit enthusiastic handstands student. Most recently Tamara performed in MF Motion’s production of Dark Matter and at the 2016 Fertile Grounds Festival in Between Worlds.

Tamara continues to teach ballet and believes in incorporating many of the same strengthening and stretching exercises into her aerial classes as you would find in a dance class. She can often be heard reminding students to straighten their legs and point their toes while in the air. She believes in good technique and is therefore always ensuring students understand not only what they are doing but also why. She loves helping people grow and get stronger, especially that look of satisfaction and accomplishment when students master a new step.

Fun fact: In her "free" time, Tamara works at a Biotechnology company in Hillsboro manufacturing oncology medication.