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Stacie Bogle Silks/Trapeze/Lyra, Kids Classes

Stacie is a circus artist with a deep love of trapeze and silks, but finds joy in the unique qualities that each apparatus has to offer. As a child, Stacie felt awkward and out of touch with her body, and she revered dancers and movement artists and believed that this was something out of reach for her. That all changed in 2013 when she picked up hula-hooping. Having a physical prop gave her the confidence to express herself through her body in a way that she couldn’t before.

Stacie began training aerial at Afterglow Aerial Arts in 2018, after moving to Portland, OR to “join the circus”. The week she moved to Portland from Phoenix, Stacie signed up for 5 classes a week and never stopped training since! She recalls as a child feeling a longing towards the world of circus, often dreaming about growing a beard or squeezing into small spaces.

Through circus, Stacie was gifted a supportive community, body awareness, confidence, purpose, a creative outlet, and joy. The passion to share these gifts with others is what drives Stacie as a coach.

Stacie is a floral designer!