Meet our team
Martha Fehrman Lyra, Aerial Conditioning

With a background in such varied movement practices as distance running, competitive swimming, racquetball, and weight lifting, and in creative pursuits like writing, improvisational theater, and immersive experience design, Martha loves aerial for its perfect marriage between the highly physical and the creative. Martha discovered that the circus arts were a thing a person could just DO when she was in her early twenties. She had just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and was visiting local gyms looking to further her career as a personal trainer. Instead, she landed a job at the front desk of the Athletic Playground in Emeryville, started taking circus classes, and developed the beginnings of a passion.

Since then, Martha has gone on to become a dedicated teacher and performer of aerial, with a special love for the lyra. She’s also got a soft spot for conditioning–a nod to her secret past as a gym rat. Martha loves teaching aerial not only as a way to make a living doing what she loves (although that is awesome), but also as a way to help other people discover their own physical and creative power. Her favorite moments are the “aha!” moments when a student nails a trick for the first time, finally does their first pull-up, or realizes that, suddenly and magically, hanging from one knee doesn’t hurt anymore. These moments are deeply empowering, and Martha loves to facilitate them.

As a kid Martha regularly competed in Pokemon trading card game tournaments.