Meet our team
Marina Karadjieva Trapeze/Contortion/Handstands

Marina Karadjieva started teaching circus skills to her friends and their kids sometime in 2001 while being an active performer. She loved sharing her passion and knowledge with others. Since then, Marina has been teaching kids and adults all over California, Oregon, and Europe. Some of the companies she has worked with are Trapeze Arts, Kinetic Arts Center, Trapeze World, Head Over Heels Athletic Arts as a Circus Program Manager, Zippo’s Circus and more. In 2007 she co-founded Vagaboom! / Living Dream Arts and recently Circus In Motion. Marina is the co-author of a 2-week Circus Training Guide for teachers at Galileo Learning Center Summer Quest.

Marina has been flying for 16 years, claiming to like the metal apparatuses more because of the challenge and the bruises. She is passionate about watching student’s transformation and growth.

Fun Fact: She really likes conditioning :)