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Lydia Johnson Lyra / Beginner Silks

Lydia has always been a performer. She grew up singing and practicing piano and indulged in various sports. She found a love for the performing arts and theatre when she was in middle school and carried it into high school. When she was 18 the aerial and circus world was introduced to her and she was immediately hooked. She loved that it mixed her passion for theatre and performance with her passion for dancing.

She has trained and performed with multiple studios around the Pacific Northwest specializing in Lyra, trapeze and contortion. She feels grateful to have been mentored under coaches such as Jacki Kehrwald, Alysia Colon, Daniela Steiner, Petra Delarocha, Kerri Jonquil, Marina Karadjieva and Jolene Dickerson.

In her free time Lydia loves to spend energy in the kitchen cooking and baking up healing foods, spending time in nature, and seeing live music with her friends. Lydia has a heavy background in mind-body awareness but will also make you work hard! She loves to share her knowledge and passion and hopes to inspire others by building confidence in the air and on the ground!