Meet our team
Katie Betts Studio Assistant Manager, Silks/Lyra/Trapeze

Katie is an aerialist specializing in silks, lyra, and trapeze, and an instructor at Afterglow.

As a child, Katie was very physically “busy.” She was constantly climbing and balancing on everything, scaring her mother (who is afraid of heights). She also took ballet and gymnastics as a child.

Katie began training at Afterglow Aerial Arts in 2016, after being completely enchanted by watching the Odysseo Cavalia circus show. She was so fired up, she enrolled in classes immediately and hasn’t stopped since. She made rapid progress, and has had the privilege of training under respected mentors in the circus world such as Marina Karadjieva, Rachel Strickland, Paper Doll Militia, Jolene Dickerson, Erika Suehiro, Hannah Finn, and others.

Katie absolutely loves performing, and has had the pleasure of doing so several times in the Portland area and in The Dalles.

She is Director of her own marketing company, which specializes in marketing for Circus and Performing Arts educators.

Katie also has two kiddos, ages 16 and 14.

At age 6, she was recruited by a gymnastics coach to train for the Olympics. She declined in favor of piano lessons. ;)