Meet our team
Emily Merollis Silks/Lyra/Sling/Trapeze, Kids classes

Emily has been an athlete and mover since a young age. She started swimming at the young age of 5 and became a competitive swimmer, and took ballet and jazz on the side for creative fun and expression. In 2006, Emily found yoga and dedicated several years to in-depth, therapeutic yoga training and taught in Chicago and Fort Collins, Colorado. In this time, Emily missed the performing arts and rediscovered dance through African, House, and Hip Hop styles, and eventually found contact improvisation and acro yoga which became her new focus. Emily combined her entrepreneurial spirit with her love for dance and acrobatics at this time and held several ecstatic dance retreats. She also put on a femme-based dance show in Fort Collins that was African-dance influenced, and had an improvisational piece by her featured.

An interest in aerial arts began in 2012, when Emily saw silks up at Burning Man. She eventually started taking regular classes in 2018 once she found her favorite studio, Afterglow. Since Emily started taking classes, she has dedicated several nights a week to exploring movement through every aerial apparatus. She trained hard with the motivation to perform, co-create with other artists, and teach her love of aerial.

Emily’s background in dance, teaching, events organization, and show production inspire her to keep advancing as an artist within aerial arts. Her goals this year are to perform more, and collaborate artistically with Portland musicians to curate an outdoor show with live music.

She has trained at Afterglow for several years and is excited to have officially joined the coaching team in 2021. As an instructor, her goals are to teach proper technique and form to prevent injuries, make aerial classes welcome, playful, and fun, and inspire her students to trust their creative intuition and dance in each class. She ensures each class ends with a flow that is informed by the sequences and skills she touched on in class.

Emily is not a morning person!