Meet our team
Cory Sylvester Handstands/German Wheel

Cory’s circus career was sparked in 1996 during a hike, upon seeing a chipmunk flip around a branch, do another flip in the air and land on the ground. A simple moment of nature’s playfulness had a profound impact. Shortly after, Cory went to see Cirque du Soleil’s “Quidam,” where he witnessed a warrior- in his eyes, move and manipulate the German Wheel around the stage. Filled with inspiration, what at first was a small spark now was fueled and the flame was ignited. Cory was presented with a fire strong enough to run with the inspiration to be a professional circus performer.

Slow going at first, Cory’s process would take him on a ten-year journey of training, stick-to-it-tiveness (that’s a made up word) and a series of serendipitous events to eventually land him the same role that had inspired him once upon a time ago.
He cried for twenty minutes when Cirque du Soleil called him to offer him the solo German Wheel act in the now ten years old “Quidam.”

And thus began the next ten years of Cory’s journey. Traveling around the world, performing for thousands of people each night, Cory honed his craft and fulfilled his warrior role through the closing of Quidam in February 2016.

He brings over twenty years of experience to pass on. He hopes to have a role to play in the development of skills and passion for others who want to learn.

Fun fact: Cory enjoys oil painting Bob Ross Style.