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With Brett Copes

When: Saturday January 19th, 2019

Time: 9:30 am-3:30 pm

Where: Afterglow Aerial Arts

This new workshop blends elements from Rigging 101 and Rigging 102 for a comprehensive offering that includes a combination of lecture, diagrams and hands on demonstrations.

Seminar includes information about:

*Performer Load testing
*Choosing Overhead Anchors
*Equipment Preferences
*Loads & Lifting Limits
*Knots and Anchor Slings
*New Standards and Certifications
*Rescue Plans
*Counterweight, Mechanical Advantage and Complex Flying
*Performer Lifting, flying and Operations
*Inspection and Documentation

Holding several Rigging related Certifications and Training Certificates. He has rigged for Cirkus Smirkus, the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival, Vertigo Flying FX, Dream World Cirque, Aerial Experience, Tall Corn Circus Festival, CAVALIA International Tours, and as Head Rigger of the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival. Brett has over 10 years as a Rigger with Cirque Du Soliel including the shows: “O” and “IRIS”, the new CDS venue LIGHT, and at the BEATLES: LOVE Show.

He was Head Acrobatic/Stunt Performance Rigger of the touring show MARVEL UNIVERSE LIVE, which included over 100 flying effects and stunts each show. Acrobatic Rigging Designer and Project Manager for the Helene Fischer tour with 45Degrees/Cirque Du Soleil, SEMMEL Productions.

Brett is Currently the Owner and Head Rigger at THE SPACE in Atlanta, an Aerial and Stunt training studio. As a member of SAG-AFTRA he is a sought after Stunt Rigger and Key Rigger for TV and Film Stunts.

He owns a sweet Kayak and an awesome dog named: BRUCE CAMPBELL WAYNE